What is Orca Diacoustics

ORCA Diacoustics is an educational therapy using digital / mobile solutions on your PC/laptop or in the palm of your hand to (re-) train the hearing mechanisms of people with  hearing loss1, sound sensitivity2, tinnitus3, speech- and language delays4, autism, CAPD and any other auditory task that requires the brain to attend to sound56.

Press a button or touch a screen and electronically modulated music could change the way you hear, listen, attend, think, speak and ultimately live….

Most people enjoy music.  You can now use your own music (digitally mastered) or use music streamed directly to your PC/laptop/your mobile device which could uniquely change the way your brain processes sound.

ORCA Diacoustics PC/Mobile Based Auditory Re-training Sound Suite is the brainchild of a a team of developers who reviewed out-dated, yet successful models of auditory re-training and came up with a modern digital answer for auditory problems via a custom-designed music intervention which meets (virtually) every auditory need.

ORCA Diacoutics leads the market!  It’s never been easier to re-train your ears!


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